Monthly Private Screening of Iranian Movies and Film Review

Kankaash is a monthly private screening of Iranian movies. The purpose of reviewing original and well-made Iranian movies is to get a glimpse of the social and cultural issues and dilemmas of daily living that average Iranian confronts in our social life and society.
As a way of getting a better understanding of movie in review, we usually have a cast member of the film present for questioning or help in elucidating a plot or a character.
Evaluating and analyzing a method or some aspect of our social life in an objective, fair and non-judgmental way will provide each of us, of differing opinions and perspectives an opportunity in creating a civil society where the right of each individual is respected and codified.

کنکاش، دربند

کنکاش، دربند


کارگردان: پرویز شهبازی

بازیگران: پگاه آهنگرانی، نازنین بیاتی، احمد مهران‌فر

ششمین برنامه کنکاش به نمایش و نقد فیلم "یک بوس کوچولو" اختصاص داشت و روز شانزدهم سپتامبر برگزار شد.

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Event Date 09-16-2017
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