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Podcast in Farsi about Persian Literature and Culture

Kimia Academy is a home to showcase the introduction to Persian literature and culture, where listeners can discover and listen episodic series of their favorite subjects such as:
A) An Introduction to Persian culture and literary icons
B) A history of Persian language, literature, and poetry
C) Literary genres in Persian classical and modern poetry
D) Persian literature in world literature
E) Iranian Mysticism and its practical doctrine in today’s world

Abū Yazīd Ṭayfūr b. ʿĪsā b. Surūshān al-Bisṭāmī, commonly known in the Iranian world as Bāyazīd Bisṭāmī, was a Persian Sufi, from north-central Iran. Known to future Sufis as Sultān-ul-Ārifīn. In this podast by Kimia Academy featuring Dr. Maryam Sadeghi, the life of Bayazid Bastami will be explained and his legacy will be told.
Kamal al-din or Shams al-Din Mohammad, known by his pen name Vahshi Bafghi was a Persian poet of the Safavid period. Vahshi was born in the agricultural town of Bafq, southeast of the city of Yazd. In this podcast in farsi language his life and works will be explained by Dr. Maryam Sadeghi
Omar Khayyam was a Persian mathematician, astronomer, and poet. He was born in Nishapur, in northeastern Iran, and spent most of his life near the court of the Karakhanid and Seljuq rulers in the period which witnessed the First Crusade. In this podcast his life and his legacy is being discussed.
Kimia Academy is devoted to introducing the Persian language, literature, and culture to all nations in the world. Its goal is to educate people, so they learn of the infinite and applicable wisdom of Iranian Mysticism.